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Welcome to Glenfeliz Elementary SAS

Welcome to Glenfeliz Elementary’s homepage. Our school is committed to creating a community of lifelong learners that involves parents, staff, students, teachers, and community partners. We hope you find the information on our site helpful. If you have questions about any of the programs or events you see listed here, feel free to contact the office and we can give you more information. Enjoy the pictures, links and information provided, and thank you for visiting us!

School for Advanced Studies

Glenfeliz Blvd. Elementary is designated a School for Advanced Studies (SAS) in Farm to Table and the Culinary Arts. Our SAS program is the first of its kind in LAUSD and we serve as a District model for innovative and research-based curriculum. This academy will co-exist beside our regular school program.
The Glenfeliz School for Advanced Studies Farm to Table and Culinary Arts program is designed to give students the opportunity to learn core curriculum subjects like Science, Math and English Language Arts through the lens of gardening and culinary arts, while also emphasizing environmental science and community outreach. We hope to instill a lifelong passion in our students for learning and social responsibility.
Learn more about the Glenfeliz Garden and Culinary Arts Academy here.

Glenfeliz Garden Blog

Glenfeliz Elementary has its own garden blog with updates weekly on what's going on in our edible garden.  Our Garden Ranger, Farmer Ted, works with TK-6th grade students teaching about planting, maintaining, and harvesting in an edible garden.  Students make connections to real-world problems and integrate subject matter as they participate in everything from planting to harvesting, to composting to cooking. Check out the Garden Ranger Blog here.

Blueprint for Wellness

Families in LAUSD face increasing health risks that can affect their wellness, quality of life, and possibly their life span.  LAUSD is committed to providing an environment where students can learn to make healthy choices for lifelong health and recognizes the critical relationship between a healthy student and academic achievement - students must be healthy to be educated and be educated to be healthy.The LAUSD Blueprint for Wellness Policy is the District’s wellness policy and guide for implementing a comprehensive health and wellness plan.  It is designed to encompass student wellness, parent wellness, staff wellness and community wellness and to advance wellness throughout the District.  Cut and paste the link to see this useful policy.

Kidpower is Back!!

Kidpower is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing empowering and effective child protection, positive communication, and personal safety skills for all ages and abilities.  In March, they will present two 30-minute workshops in kindergarten through second grade to help prevent bullying and violence through greater awareness, action, and skills for kids. Kidpower has come to Glenfeliz for two years, worked with 14 classes, and trained our teachers to help kids find their voice in self-protection and advocacy.  Special thanks goes to our local Vons Store on Los Feliz Blvd. and the Pacific Life Foundation who sponsored the funding for this program.  Thank you very much!!  Visit their website for more information on Kidpower and the work they are doing in schools across the nation:



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Today: 3/23/18

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Mar 22

1st Gr. Parent Workshop

4:00 pm


Monday, Mar 26 - Monday, Apr 2



Tuesday, Apr 3

NED Show

8:15 am


Tuesday, April 5

Kidpower Safety Presentations


April 5, 10, 12

Advanced Skills Cooking Class


April 10

Junior Achievment


April 20

Friday Night in the Garden

4:30 - 6:30
April 23 - May 11
SBAC Testing
May 17
Open House
5:00 - 6:30
June 1
Spring Dance
8:45 am